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Terms & Conditions

1.This Agreement

  1. Nature of this Agreement: This business Centre Agreement is mere permission for the Client to use the Premises and other facilities of the Centre. The whole of the Centre remains in M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP, possession and control. No tenancy or other right title, interest, or possession whatsoever is created or intended to be created by this agreement in favor of the Client. The client is given the right to share with itself to use Centre on these terms and conditions so that M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP, can provide services to the Client. The Client agrees not to assign or sub-let or part with possession of the premises or attempt transfer of this Agreement.

  2.  Duration or Time of use or Period of use: This agreement lasts for the period stated in the submitted form and then will be extended automatically for successive periods, until brought to an end by the Client or  M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP. The fees on any renewal will be at the then prevailing market rate, until and unless otherwise agreed by the M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP, in writing.

  3. Confidentiality: The terms of this agreement are confidential. The Client may not disclose them without the other’s consent unless required to do so by law or an official authority. This obligation continues after this Agreement ends.

  4. Jurisdiction: Civil Courts of Jaipur shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the event of any disputes or differences arising in respect of, out of relating to, and or touching this Agreement. This agreement is interpreted and enforced in accordance with the law of Jaipur.   

  5. Inspection and Maintenance: M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP may need to enter the Client’s premises and may do so at any time. However, unless there is an emergency, M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP will attempt to notify the Customer verbally or electronically in advance when the company needs to access to carry out testing, repair, or works other than routine inspection, cleaning, and maintenance. M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP will also endeavor to respect reasonable security procedures to protect the confidentiality of the client’s business.

  6. Taxes: The client shall be liable to bear and promptly pay all Local and other Government taxes (as may be levied at present and /or which may be levied at any future date) in respect of the Hourly Fee and/or services (including but not limited to Service Tax and VAT). All amounts mentioned in this Agreement as payable by the Client, are exclusive of such taxes.

  7. Head Lease: The Client acknowledges that Agreement is subject to the Head-lease/ License under which M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP holds the Centre and the Client further acknowledges that it is aware of the provisions of the Head-lease/License and will observe and obey all the terms and covenants and conditions contained in the Head-lease/License.

  8.  Identification Documents: The Client agrees to provide all documents pertaining to the identification of the Company (Mentioned in the Agreement) and of the person (executing in the agreement) as deemed relevant by M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP for the purpose of verification of legitimate existence of the business. The client authorizes M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP to conduct verification of the legitimate existence of the Client’s business and/or standard business verification to execute the agreement.


  1. Fees, Services’ Fees, and Payments:

    1. Fee: The Fee equivalent to agreed amount, excluding GST, shall be payable in advance, and in respect of any broken period a pro-rata adjustment shall be made.

    2. Standard Service: Standard Recurring services requested by the Client are payable in advance. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, these recurring services will be provided at the specified rates for the duration of this Agreement (including any renewal).

    3.  Additional Variable Services: M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP may provide additional Services directly or through a business affiliate. Such Services will be billed in arrears at the end of the tenure as per usage, and are due immediately from the date of the invoice. Fees for such Services, plus applicable taxes, will be applicable in accordance with M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP published rates which may change from time to time.

    4.  Set-up Fees: The Client may be charged an office setup fee per occupant and a connection set-up fee per connection requested from the Client.

    5.  TDS: The Client shall be entitled to deduct tax at source (TDS) on the amounts paid towards Fee and services in accordance with the provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961 as applicable from time to time. The Client shall promptly and regularly furnish the tax deduction certificates in respect thereof to the Client. To clarify periodicity, the Client to furnish the Certificate shall be considered to be a material breach of this Agreement on the part of the Client and shall entitle M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP to terminate this Agreement.

    6. Invoices: M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP will send all invoices electronically (where allowed by law) or physically. Notification of invoices shall constitute a demand for payment.

    7. Delay in Handover of Work Space: In the event of any delays by Client in handling over the Work Space to us after the termination or expiration of the Agreement, Client agrees to pay twice the applicable Membership Fee for every hour of un-authorized occupation, beyond the time of expiry or termination of this Agreement. You agree and acknowledge that the damages provided for in the clause are a genuine and reasonable pre-estimate of the damages that we may suffer as a result of your delay and failure to comply with your obligations in the manner contemplated and is not a penalty.

    8. Invoice Disputes: In case of any dispute in any charges levied under “Standard Services” or “Additional Variable Services”, the Client must notify the objective in writing of the such disputed amount and the reasons for it within 7 days of the date of the invoice. The Client must pay the amount not in dispute by the due date or be subject to late fees. M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP and the Client will endeavor to resolve, by mutual discussion, the disputed portion of the charges for Services within one week of receiving a notice from the Client.

    9.  Membership Fee Payment: The client accepts payment of all amounts specified in this Agreement solely by the methods M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP communicates to the Client during the membership signup process or from time to time during the Term.


  1. Information Technology: In order to utilize all the functionalities offered by us, it may be necessary to install software onto a user’s computer, tablet, mobile device, or other electronic equipment. In addition, a User may request that we or an affiliate, our agent, or their service provider may help troubleshoot problems a User may have with respect to printing, accessing the network connection, or other issues. Regarding the foregoing, you agree that we and our affiliates:

  • Are not responsible for any damage to any User’s computer, tablet, mobile device, or other electronic equipment, or otherwise to User’s system, related to such technical support or downloading and installation of any software;

  • Are not responsible for any malware/ spyware/ virus attack and other internet threats via the shared internet connection provided to you.

  • Do not assume any liability or warranty in the event that any manufacturer warranties are voided; and

  • Do not offer any verbal or written warranty, either expressed or implied, regarding the success of any technical support.


  1. Fair Usage Policy: Under No circumstance will the Premises and their facilities are used for:

  • Cyber-terrorism - which includes a person who denies access to authorized personnel to a computer resource, accesses a protected system, or introduces contaminant into a system, with the intention of threatening the unity, integrity, sovereignty, or security of another entity or the country including and not limited to hacking or social engineering or phishing

  • Cyber bullying- which includes but is not restricted to sending, posting, or sharing negative, harmful, or false about someone else such as personal or private information about someone else causing embarrassment or humiliation.

  • Cyber-Porn – which includes but is not restricted to capturing, transmitting, or publishing images of a person's private parts without his/her consent or knowledge, publishing or transmitting images containing a sexually explicit act or conduct.

  • Cheating or Cyber Fraud – which includes cheating using computer/internet resources or communication channels or public Internet Protocol (IP) of M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP.

  • Any act Prohibited under the provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2008 or any amendment thereto.

  1. Users are prohibited to gain unauthorized access to any Services, or accounts, computer systems, or networks connected to any of User servers or to any of the Services, or to other co-working associate’s resources through hacking, password mining, or any other means.

  2. Video/Audio Streaming is not to be used by the users of Non-Educational Sites (ex-Netflix, Prime, etc).

  3. Users are recommended to have an antivirus installed on all computers to prevent mass infection via virus outbreak.

  4. Users are liable for the physical safety and maintenance of the IT assets which are brought by them to the Premises. The building staff will assist in the event of a mishappening or loss by making available CCTV footage up to available days of the day of the incident.


  1. Use

    1. Use of Centre Address: The Client may use the Centre address as its business address only. Any other uses are prohibited without M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP’s prior written consent.

    2. Installations in the Premises: The Client must not install any cabling, IT, or telecom connections without the Client’s prior written consent. As a condition to such consent, M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP must permit the Client to oversee any installations and to verify that such installations do not interfere with the use of premises by other Clients of the building.

    3. Alternations to the Premises: The Client shall not make any alterations or additions to the Premises.

    4. Non-Compete Business: The Client must not carry on a business that directly or indirectly competes with us or any company affiliated with us.

    5. Access: The Client will have access to the premises for stated hours in the submitted form, the Services and the facility of central air-conditioning, internet connectivity, electricity usage, and other similar facilities shall be available during such time to the Client.

    6. The Client is required to disclose the number and names of persons who will work on the premises.

    7. The Client agrees not to smoke in the office nor consume alcoholic beverages on the premises and/or elsewhere in the Centre or any part thereof.

    8. The Client shall utilize, and shall ensure that its employees utilize, the equipment and facilities provided on the premises and in the Centre with due care and caution; the Client will be liable for all damage or destruction caused by it or its employees to the equipment and facilities provided in the Centre and in the premises in particular.

    9. Compliance: The Client must comply with all relevant laws and regulations in the conduct of its business. The Client must do nothing illegal in connection with its use of the Centre. The Client must not do anything that may interfere with the use of the Centre by other users, cause nuisance or annoyance, increase the insurance premiums that we have to pay, or cause loss or damage to us (including damage to reputation) or to the owner of any interest in the building which contains the center the Client is using.

    10. The client is liable for any damage caused by it or by those in the Centre with the Client’s permission or at the Client’s invitation whether express or implied, including but not limited to all employees, contractors, agents, or other persons present on the premises. The Client agrees to repair in a proper way any such damage and if the Client fails to do so charges will apply at the Client’s expense.


  1. House Rules:

    1. Noise/ Communication - Be mindful and precise while engaging with other co-workers, not use passages for calls and meetings this may disturb you and other co-workers as well and can hamper productivity.

    2. Silence - Silence is the place productive people go to think. Please communicate freely in our meeting rooms.

    3. Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind - Please keep your workspace clean, tidy, and neat, and make sure no damages, or vandalism.

    4. Harassment - Please refrain from acts of intimidation, harassment, or discrimination in our space, online networks, and in all related events.

    5. Collaborate - Make the best use of events and grow your network. We do not promote a multi-level marketing approach on our Premises, kindly contact our community manager in order to facilitate the promotion of your product/ services.

    6. Take Care of Your Belongings - Stay cautious with your valuables. We shall not be responsible for any of your personal belongings.

    7. Allotment of Working Space - Please adhere to the allotment of your original workspaces, Lunching and munching are requested to be limited to dedicated lunch areas only.

    8. Timings of Co-working – Kindly adhere to the standard operating hours of the facility, extra usage is subject to availability and will be charged extra.

    9. Parking Services: Please take care of belongings inside the car and it is advised to park your car at a proper designated place, we will not be responsible for any kind of damage or loss.


  1. No Users Will

    1. Perform any activity or cause or permit anything that is reasonably likely to be disruptive or dangerous to Us or any other Member Companies, or our or their employees, guests, or property, including without limitation the Work Space or the Premises;

    2. Use the Services, the Premises, or the Work Space to conduct or pursue any illegal or offensive activities or comport themselves to the community in a similar manner;

    3. Take, copy or use for any purpose Our name or any of Our other business names, trademarks, service marks, logos, trade dress, other identifiers, or other intellectual property or modified or altered versions of the same, or take, copy or use for any purpose any pictures or illustrations of any portion of the Premises, without our prior consent, and this provision will survive termination of this Agreement;

    4. Use the Work Space in a “retail,” “medical,” or other nature involving frequent visits by members of the public;

    5. Use our mail and deliveries services for fraudulent or unlawful purposes, and we shall not be liable for any such use;

    6. Make any copies of any keys, access/key cards, or other means of entry to the Work Space or the Premises or lend, share or transfer any keys or access/key cards to any third party, unless authorized by us in advance;

    7. Install any locks to access the Work Space or anywhere within the Premises unless authorized by us in advance or

    8. Bring any weapons of any kind, or any other offensive, dangerous, inflammable, or explosive materials into the Work Space or the Premises.


  1. Termination of the Agreement:

    1. Ending this agreement immediately: M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP may put an end to this agreement immediately, to withhold Services, and re-enter the Premises by giving the Client notice and without the need to follow any additional procedure, if

      1. The Client is in breach of one of its obligations, including but not limited to the payment of Fees and Services Due, or

      2. Its conduct or that of someone at the Centre with its permission or invitation, is incompatible with ordinary office use. If M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP puts an end to the agreement for any of these reasons it does not put an end to any outstanding obligations, including additional services used and the fee for the remainder of the period for which this agreement would have lasted if M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP had not ended it.

    2. Handing over of the Premises:

      1. The Client shall cease to use and occupy the premises on the expiry or sooner termination of this Agreement; remove all its equipment, belongings, articles, and things and its employees/personnel and vacate and hand back the premises and at the same time hand over all keys and access cards.

      2. The Client must leave the premises in the same condition as it was when the Client took it. An exit fee will be charged upon the Client’s departure or if the Client, at its option, chooses to relocate to different rooms within the Centre. M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP reserves the right to charge additional reasonable fees for any repairs needed above and beyond normal wear and tear.

    3. If the Client default in vacating the premises when this agreement has ended the Client is responsible for any loss, claim or liability M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP incurs as a result of the Client’s failure to vacate on time. M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP will also be at liberty to remove the articles and belongings of the Client from the premises at the risk and cost of the Client. We may, at our discretion, permit the Client an extension, subject to a surcharge on the hourly office fee.

    4.  Harassment: The User shall be prohibited from participating in any type of harassing, discriminatory, or abusive behavior to our employees & representatives, other Users, or invitees, verbal or physical in our center for any reason. Any breach of this condition is a material breach of the Agreement (not capable of remedy) and the Agreement may be terminated immediately and services will be suspended without further notice.

    5.  Fraud: We reserve the right to immediately suspend the services and/or terminate the Agreement if they determine that their facility or address is being used in connection with possible fraudulent activity or activity that may be a violation of laws or government regulations.

    6.  Arbitration: That in case of any dispute or difference arising between the M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP and the Clients in respect of meaning and interpretation with regard to any of the clause or sub-clause of this AGREEMENT or may other difference or dispute(s) concerning the rights or obligations of the Clients or any act, matter or thing arising out of, consequent to or in connection with this AGREEMENT, the same shall be referred to a sole arbitrator appointed by M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP, whose decision shall be final and binding upon the parties. The Arbitration proceeding shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 including any amendments from time to time. All other matters/issues/terms not specifically provided for in this AGREEMENT shall be determined/decided by the above-appointed Sole Arbitrator. The venue of arbitration proceedings shall be Jaipur. The language of the arbitration and the award shall be in English. The cost of appointment of the Arbitrator and other costs of arbitration shall be borne by all the Parties in equal proportions.


  1. General Provisions:

    1. Nature of the Agreement: The whole of the Work Space remains our property and in our possession and control. We are giving you the right to share with us the use of the Work Space so that we can provide the Services to you. Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement to the contrary, Client and M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP agree that our relationship is not that of landlord-tenant or lessor-lessee, and this Agreement in no way shall be construed as to grant you or any Member any title, easement, lien, possession, or related rights in our business, the Premises, the Work Space or anything contained in or on the Building Premises or Work Space. This Agreement creates no tenancy interest, leasehold estate, or other real property interest.

    2. Subordination: This Agreement is subject and subordinate to our lease/license with our landlord/licensor of the Premises and to any supplemental documentation and to any other agreements to which our lease/license with such landlord/licensor is subject to or subordinate. However, the foregoing does not imply any sublease or other similar relationship involving an interest in real property.

    3. Notices: Any and all notices under this Agreement will be given via email or to the respective addresses mentioned on the Membership Agreement, and will be effective on the first business day after being received.

  2. Liability and Disclaimer:

    1. M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP will not in any circumstances have any liability for loss of business, loss of profits, loss of anticipated savings, loss of or damage to data, third-party claims, or any consequential loss unless the Client otherwise agrees in writing.

    2. Subject to gross negligence and deliberate misconduct, M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP, its employees, and agents shall not be held responsible for any theft, loss, or damage from the Premises or for any damage done to the furniture or other effects of any Client in the Premises by the caretaker or cleaners or any employees, agents or invitees of Client.

    3. M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, corruption of data, or any loss of information whether from hardware, software, or internet damage that may occur to the Client during the term of this agreement. We shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, or loss of information resulting from communications or data failure including voice, communication and the internet.

    4. M/s Vilasa Buildcon LLP is not liable for any loss as a result of Client’s failure to provide a service as a result of mechanical breakdown, strike, termination of Client’s interest in the building containing the Centre or otherwise.


By submitting the form you agree to the Terms and Conditions as stated aforesaid.

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